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Industry Curriculum Framework Status

A summary of each VET Framework for implementation in 2017 is provided in the table below. It shows the Training Package version applying to each Framework for students continuing study in 2017 and students commencing study in 2017.

VET Framework
Training Package version
Framework changes
Students continuing 2017
[2017 HSC examination]
Students commencing 2017
[2018 HSC examination]
Listed on training.gov.au
(31 January2017)


AUR12v2.1 AURv3 AURv3 NESA 4/17

Business Services



CPC08v9.1 CPC08 v9.1 or v9.3 CPC08v9.3 NESA 10/17


UEE11v1.5 UEE11v1.5 UEE11v1.5

Entertainment Industry


Financial Services

FNSv2.1 FNSv2.1


FNSv2.1 no impact on Framework
NESA 9/17
Hospitality SIT12v2 SITv1.1 SITv1.1 BOSTES 40/16

Human Services

CHCv3 and HLTv3.1 CHCv3 and HLTv3.1 CHCv3 and HLTv3.1 HLTv3.1 no impact on Framework

Information and Digital Technology

ICTv3.1 ICTv3.1 ICTv3.1 ICTv3.1 no impact on Framework

Metal and Engineering

MEM05v11.1 MEM05v11.1 MEM05v11.1

Primary Industries

AHC10v8 AHCv1.1 AHCv1.1 NESA 12/17

Retail Services

SIR07v3.3 SIRv2 SIRv2 NESA 5/17

Tourism, Travel and Events

SIT12v2 SITv1.1 SITv1.1 BOSTES 42/16

Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) General Directions: Learner transition (1 April 2015)

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