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HSC–University Pathways for Talented Students

The University of New England (UNE) and Macquarie University have established a program of challenging and exciting first-year university units and courses that students can undertake while finishing their secondary schooling. Students have the chance to study by distance mode with the option of a weekend residential, or they can attend university on campus for an early experience of studying in a university environment.

Students who are successful in applying for this program are offered university places in a course or subject on a no-charge basis.

Talented students who have already accelerated in at least one HSC course and achieved high-level results can apply to begin their university studies and fast-track their first year university degrees at UNE or Macquarie University.

Students who have not accelerated in an HSC course but who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in other ways are also eligible to apply for this program, through Macquarie University only.

Many of the units and courses offered can be completed by the end of the first university semester. By then, successful students will have results that can count towards a first degree.

This program attracts university credentials, and subjects are separate from the HSC. Results do not contribute to the ATAR.

Interested students should discuss the program with their year adviser, their principal, or another suitable senior teacher. Applications will need the support of school principals.

This page gives you some general information about the range of units and courses on offer to highly able HSC students. The links to the universities’ websites will take you to more information, university contact details and application forms. Applicants will need to provide their NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Student Number and also give permission for the NESA to release their HSC results to the universities they apply for.

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