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4. Checking grades

Checking or 'monitoring' grades involves reviewing the history of grades awarded by your school to analyse patterns and clarify grading decisions. Schools can use the historical grade patterns available for Stage 5 and Preliminary Courses on Schools Online or in the Results Analysis Package to check or guide their grade patterns. A PowerPoint presentation explains how to use the grade monitoring support materials.

When making comparisons, teachers should ensure their grading decisions are based on all available assessment information referenced by the relevant grade scale or performance descriptors and published standards.

Some useful questions to ask are:

  • Is the current pattern of grades what you expected?
  • How does this compare to past grading patterns?
  • Is this what you expected?
  • What evidence is there to support the current grades?

Principals are accountable for the pattern of grades awarded by their school at the end of Stage 5 and Stage 6 Preliminary courses. Principals (or their delegates) need to confirm that grades are consistent with published standards when they are submitted.

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