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Policy and research

BOSTES has a pivotal role to play in NSW in setting and maintaining standards in curriculum, assessment, credentialling, initial teacher education, teacher professional development, and school and home schooling registration.

In order to support and develop these standards, BOSTES takes an active role in supporting research and developing policy in, and across, these domains. BOSTES works closely with school systems, providers of initial teacher education, providers of teacher professional development, professional associations, and other key education stakeholder groups to set new policy directions and to plan and execute research to inform policy and practice.

Key BOSTES initiatives and partnerships

Stronger HSC Standards

Since the HSC was last revised in 1999, the world has changed dramatically. Changes being introduced to the HSC will address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century to ensure that the HSC continues to meet the highest international standards by:

  • supporting the achievement of high minimum standards for all students;
  • ensuring flexibility and versatility to cater for the full range of students; and
  • challenging every student to achieve their best.

The HSC reforms will be implemented for Year 11 students in 2018 and Year 12 students in 2019. Students will be required to meet a minimum standard in literacy and numeracy to be eligible for the award of the HSC from 2020. In addition, the reforms will:

  • reduce excessive student stress by capping school-based assessment
  • boost student performance in STEM with a new Science Extension course
  • revise Year 11 and 12 English, maths, science and history syllabuses to ensure students have time to engage in more depth in a subject.

Read more about the Stronger HSC Standards.

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning

Research shows that quality teachers are crucial for achieving an overall improvement in student learning outcomes. In 2013, the NSW Government released Great Teaching, Inspired Learning – a Blueprint for Action, which outlines 47 actions to improve the already high standards of teaching in NSW.

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning sets a new direction for improving teacher quality and student learning outcomes in NSW schools. It will help students to achieve better results by:

  • researching and sharing what makes an excellent teacher
  • working with universities to ensure future teachers are high achievers and thoroughly prepared for the classroom
  • supporting the career-long professional development of all teachers.

Visit the BOSTES Teacher Accreditation website for more information about Great Teaching, Inspired Learning – a Blueprint for Action.

Other BOSTES initiatives and partnerships

Learning through Languages: Review of Languages Education Policy in NSW

In 2012, BOSTES undertook a review into languages education in NSW on behalf of the Minister for Education, the Hon Adrian Piccoli MP. View the proposals, consultation report, consultation paper, and overview for consultation for Learning through Languages review.

Respect and Responsibility: Promoting values in education

The Respect and Responsibility Forum in 2006 was a showcase for good practice in teaching respect and responsibility in NSW schools as part of the NSW Government’s action plan for values, respect and behaviour in our schools.

BOSTES policies, reports and research

View the range of BOSTES policies, reports and research developed by BOSTES, or in partnership with other individuals or organisations, across the areas of curriculum, assessment, credentialling, initial teacher education, teacher professional development and BOSTES regulatory programs for schools and home schooling families.

View BOSTES policies, reports and research documents

Refer to BOSTES Official Notices for the latest information, decisions or actions by BOSTES for which there is a legislative or regulatory requirement that schools comply.

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