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HSC Exam Workbooks

HSC Workbook covers

HSC Exam Workbooks in an extensive range of subjects are available for HSC exams from 2010 to 2015.

An essential study resource

The BOSTES HSC Exam Workbooks provide students and teachers with real samples of top students’ exam responses, complete with markers’ comments.

Answering the exam questions then comparing with the best students’ responses provides candidates with a valuable insight into how to handle different questions in a real-life examination setting.

Reading the marking guidelines and comments will give students additional knowledge about what the examiners are looking for in responses.

Each workbook contains:

  • a full copy of the HSC examination paper
  • marking guidelines – how marks are awarded in each question
  • feedback from markers on each question
  • real sample answers in students’ own handwriting plus transcripts
  • specific comments from markers on these answers
  • interactive multiple-choice questions with scores generated automatically
  • tips on exam technique


Ebook features include:

  • full-colour presentation of student projects
  • 360 degree views of artworks and design objects
  • touch gestures to zoom and rotate, pinch to zoom and links to other resources.

The following ebooks are available:

  • English Extension 2: coming soon (2015 HSC)
  • Design & Technology 2014 HSC
  • Industrial Technology 2014 HSC
  • Japanese 2014 HSC
  • Visual Arts 2013 HSC, 2014 HSC
  • Business Studies 2013 HSC
  • Chemistry 2013 HSC
  • Economics 2013 HSC
  • Geography 2013 HSC
  • Textiles & Design 2013 HSC.


Student responses to oral exam questions are included in workbooks for all Japanese courses (Background Speakers, Beginners, Continuers, Extension, Heritage Speakers)

Order in hard copy from shop.bos.nsw.edu.au

Purchase ebooks from Google play or the AppStore

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