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Principles for developing marking guidelines in a standards–referenced framework


  1. Marking guidelines will be developed in the context of relevant syllabus outcomes and content.
  2. Marks will be awarded for demonstrating achievement of aspects of the syllabus outcomes addressed by the question.
  3. Marking guidelines will reflect the nature and intention of the question and will be expressed in terms of the knowledge and skills demanded by the task.

Specificity of marking guidelines

  1. Marking guidelines will indicate the initial criteria that will be used to award marks.
  2. Marking guidelines will allow for less predictable and less defined responses, for example, characteristics such as flair, originality and creativity, or the provision of alternative solutions where appropriate.
  3. Marking guidelines for extended responses will, as far as possible, use language that is consistent with the outcomes and the band descriptions for the subject.
  4. Marking guidelines are to incorporate the generic rubric provided in the examination paper as well as aspects specifically related to the question.

Language of marking guidelines

  1. The language of marking guidelines will be clear, unambiguous and accessible to ensure consistency in marking.

Discrimination between different levels of performance

  1. Where a question is designed to test higher-order outcomes, the marking guidelines will allow for differentiation between responses, with more marks being awarded for the demonstration of higher-order outcomes.
  2. Marking guidelines will indicate the quality of response required to gain a mark or a sub-range of marks.
  3. High achievement will not be defined solely in terms of the quantity of information provided.

Optional questions

  1. Optional questions within a paper will be marked using comparable marking criteria.

Generic type questions

  1. Marking guidelines for questions that can be answered using a range of contexts and/or content will have a common marking guideline exemplified using appropriate contexts and/or content.
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