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Breaking HSC exam rules – statistics and consequences

Every year a relatively small number of HSC students are reported for breaching examination rules. These offences can range from concealing notes in clothing to disrupting other students in the exam room. Students can also breach examination rules by failing to seriously attempt a range of question types in the exam, or by memorising someone else’s work and reproducing it without attribution in an exam answer. Rules also apply to the major projects and performances many students undertake before the written examinations.

Our officers investigate all reports of breaches and malpractice – deliberate cheating – and the most serious allegations are heard by the Board’s Examination Rules Committee for a decision. All investigations are carried out with due process and procedural fairness. The Board accepts that some breaches may be found to be accidental and so the penalties range from warnings to losing part or all marks for a course. This may lead to the loss of the HSC and consequences for university or TAFE entry.

Every student receives a copy of the HSC Rules and Procedures when they begin their HSC study, and every student – by signing their Confirmation of Entry form (PDF) – agrees to abide by these rules.

The Board treats the integrity of the exams very seriously and has many measures in place to uphold the integrity of the HSC credential by ensuring all students behave in a fair and honest way.

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