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2011 HSC Distinguished Achievers

Distinguished Achievers are students whose results place them in the top band of a HSC course.

Band 6 and band E4 for extension courses are the top bands. Students need to get 90-100 marks to be placed in band 6 or 45-50 marks for band E4.

In 2011 there are 16 422 students who are Distinguished Achievers.

This list is in alphabetical order by last name. It also features the school and the course number/s for which the student is in the top band. The list will be available from 12 noon 14 December.

Access the guide to course names based on course numbers (csv).

For more information: Getting HSC results | Understanding HSC results | How HSC results are determined | Distinguished Achievers 2001–2010

Symons, Nicholas Peter James to Szot, Peter Stefan

Name School Top band course
Symons, Nicholas Peter James Knox Grammar School 15030, 15050, 15140, 15240, 15250, 15270
Synnott, Alexander John N. St Columba's High School 15140, 15250, 15330, 15830, 15850
Synnott, Dean Anthony St Joseph's Catholic High School 15210
Synnott, Thomas Patrick R. St Columba's High School 15140, 15220, 15370, 15830, 15850
Szczesny, Danielle Nicole Glenwood High School 15220, 26599
Sze, Howell Ho Tin North Sydney Boys High School 15030, 15050, 15140, 15160, 15250, 15260
Sze, Jason Baulkham Hills High School 15140, 15240, 15250, 15280
Sze, Ka The Scots College 15040, 15240, 15250
Szeto, Samantha Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus 15060, 15170, 15350
Szeto, Trevor Joan Ho SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar School 15040, 15240
Szeto, Wai Ho St Joseph's College 15250, 15260
Szot, Peter Stefan Ryde Secondary College 15250
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