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2011 HSC Distinguished Achievers

Distinguished Achievers are students whose results place them in the top band of a HSC course.

Band 6 and band E4 for extension courses are the top bands. Students need to get 90-100 marks to be placed in band 6 or 45-50 marks for band E4.

In 2011 there are 16 422 students who are Distinguished Achievers.

This list is in alphabetical order by last name. It also features the school and the course number/s for which the student is in the top band. The list will be available from 12 noon 14 December.

Access the guide to course names based on course numbers (csv).

For more information: Getting HSC results | Understanding HSC results | How HSC results are determined | Distinguished Achievers 2001–2010

Cash, Alexandria Jade to Chaaya, Charles

Name School Top band course
Cash, Alexandria Jade Colo High School 15400
Cash, Sally The Hills Grammar School 15020, 15230
Cashin, Coen Mackillop Catholic College 15290
Cashman, Timothy St Patrick's College Sutherland 15240
Casinader, Eloise Newcastle Grammar School 15030
Caspersonn, Juliet Wenona School 15230
Cassaniti, Michael Cecil Hills High School 15230
Cassar, Alexander Emmanuel Wollemi College 15140, 15160, 15270, 15400
Cassidy, Isabelle Wenona School 15140, 15160, 15270, 15280, 15400
Cassidy, Michael James Terrigal High School 15200
Cassilles, Lachlan Thomas Hassall Anglican College 15200
Cassin, Mardee Louise Roseville College 15100
Cassisi, Jeremy St Paul's Catholic College 15230
Cassuben, Julia Wenona School 15140
Castagna, Sebastian Louis Alstonville High School 15340
Castaldo, Darren Gary Leumeah High School 15120, 15240, 15250, 15330
Castino, Emma Santa Sabina College 15090
Castle, Gabrielle St Leo's Catholic College 15320, 15380, 15400
Castle, Rosie Conservatorium High School 15300
Castro, Chantae Oak Flats High School 15230
Catanzariti, Gabriella Alana Kincoppal - Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart 15790
Cater, Alison Elizabeth St Columba's High School 15020, 15030, 15240, 15380
Cater, Jordan Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts 15030, 15230, 15270
Catlin, Madeleine May Willoughby Girls High School 15230, 15350
Catlin, Rachel Northern Beaches Secondary College Mackellar Girls Campus 15340
Catorce, Cieska Adrienne St Marys Senior High School 15660
Catsaras, Marcus Newtown High School of Performing Arts 15300, 15310
Catsaros, Cassandra Port Hacking High School 15060, 15230, 15340
Catt, Olivia Naomi St Francis Xavier's College 15240
Cattalini, Marcello Patrician Brothers' College Fairfield 15340
Caulliez, Lea Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus 15700
Causbrook, Madeleine Eliza Riverside Girls High School 15020, 15140, 15160, 15170, 15270, 15280
Causer, Jason Christopher The Henry Lawson High School 15210
Cavaleri, Vince Readon Colo High School 15240, 15320
Cavallaro, Matthew St Augustine's College Sydney 15240, 15250
Cavallaro, Natalie Stella Maris College 15080, 15400
Cavanagh, Clare Elizabeth North Sydney Girls High School 15140, 15160, 15270, 15280
Cavanagh, Jack Elderslie High School 15200
Cavanagh, Joseph Patrick Lyons Canberra Grammar School 15050, 15140, 15190, 15270
Cavanagh, Mak Hennessy Catholic College 15230
Cavasinni, Domenic Magdalene Catholic High School 15230
Cavasinni, Michael Francesco The King's School 15040, 15190
Cave, Victoria Reddam House 15070, 15220
Cavenagh, Andrew Grey SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar School 15370
Cekanauskas, Simone Louise Callaghan College Jesmond Campus 26599
Celani, Letizia Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta 15250, 15370
Celepci, Eren Sefton High School 15230
Celestino, Jovel Carla Glenwood High School 15040
Cenatiempo, Carla Thomas Hassall Anglican College 15040, 15230
Cercone, Alexandra Rose Nagle College 15070, 15320
Cetin, Reyhan Birrong Girls High School 15140, 15230
Ceylan, Rabia Sule College, Prestons 15110, 15230, 16120
Cha, Hwayeong Asquith Girls High School 15820, 15890
Cha, Sangjin Reddam House 15240
Chaaya, Charles St Charbel's College 15210
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