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Contact us

Board of Studies, Teaching and
Educational Standards NSW

ABN: 94 279 170 975

Hours of operation (Mon–Fri)

8.30 am to 5.00 pm

Street address

117 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Postal address

GPO Box 5300, Sydney NSW 2001

Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW

Enquiries should be directed to the relevant areas within BOSTES.

Teacher Accreditation

Phone: 1300 739 338
If calling from overseas: +61 2 9268 6300
Email: contactus@nswteachers.nsw.edu.au

Visit the Teacher Accreditation website for more information and contact details, including operating hours and an online enquiry form.

Purchasing BOSTES Publications

Copyright and Intellectual Property


Phone: +61 2 9367 8382
Email: naplan.nsw@bostes.nsw.edu.au

RoSA (Record of School Achievement)

Liaison Officers

Students Online access

Replacement Certificates

Additional information on the Replacement Certificate process

Email: replacement@bostes.nsw.edu.au

Schools Online and student entry/enrolment processing assistance

Student Records unit
Phone: +61 2 9367 8001
Fax: +61 2 9367 8078
Email: records@bostes.nsw.edu.au

Home Schooling

Home Schooling
Phone: +61 2 9367 8149
Fax: +61 2 9367 8475
Email: homeeducation@bostes.nsw.edu.au

School Registration and Accreditation Standards Directorate

Approval of School providers

Phone: +61 2 9367 8432
Fax: +61 2 9367 8399
Email: schoolrego@bostes.nsw.edu.au

Approval of Teacher Accreditation Authorities (TAAs)

Phone: +61 2 9367 8432
Fax: +61 2 9367 8399
Email: TAAapproval@bostes.nsw.edu.au

Assessment and ranking advice

Contact your local BOSTES Liaison Officers (BOSLOs)

Email: metroboslo@bostes.nsw.edu.au

Disability provisions and Illness/Misadventure application process

Student Support Services
Phone: +61 2 9367 8117
Fax: +61 2 9367 8087
Email: studentsupport@bostes.nsw.edu.au

Government Information (Public Access) (GIPA) guidelines

Additional information on the BOSTES GIPA process

Curriculum and Assessment


For media information, media releases or to contact the Communications Officer, please visit the News and media section.

General Enquiries

Phone: +61 2 9367 8111
Fax: +61 2 9367 8484


BOSTES's commitment to service includes dealing with any concerns about how the services of BOSTES are delivered in a timely and fair manner.

Central to BOSTES's management of complaints is its policy of devolving accountability for their resolution to line managers and staff at the point of delivery of services. As a result, BOSTES is able to directly remedy or resolve problems at the source as they arise.

If you are unable to resolve a complaint in this way, you can contact the relevant BOSTES department using the contact details provided above. Your complaint will then be directed to the officer best able to assist you.

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