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Application package – Access to BOSTES Data and Information for External Research Purposes

Download application form

Applications can be made to access additional BOSTES data or information for research purposes – Data and information for external research application form


The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) recognises the importance of high quality research and values its ongoing engagement and collaboration with external government and non-government organisations, universities, other research bodies and individual researchers.

This document acknowledges the special ethical and methodological nature of academic and scholarly research and confirms the Board’s commitment to actively collaborate with external researchers in the interests of promoting high quality research in education.

Researchers seeking data and/or information from the Board are therefore asked to provide an outline of their research proposal in order to allow the Board the opportunity to contribute its expertise and value to the research where appropriate.

More information about BOSTES processes in research, evaluation and development can be found in the Board’s Research Policy and Guidelines.

The Board’s Research Policy and Guidelines take cognisance of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA) and do not seek to restrict or limit public access to information that would otherwise be made available under the Act. Applications for data and other information that fall outside of the special parameters of academic scholarly collaboration with the Board are best made through the Board’s published GIPA processes.

Application process

Research applicants seeking approval to access data or other information held by the Board are requested to complete the attached Application for Access to BOSTES Data and Information for External Research Purposes.

Applicants are asked to provide sufficient details and documentation about the purpose and methodology of the proposed research to enable BOSTES to understand the issues that will be explored and the demands on BOSTES staff involved in providing the requested data or information. This also enables BOSTES staff to effectively collaborate with the researcher to ensure that all relevant data and information held by the Board can be supplied.

As a general principle, projects undertaken for commercial gain, including those that involve primarily marketing activities or market research, should be submitted under the Board’s published GIPA processes.

An application is not required where a researcher wishes to use BOSTES data or information that is openly accessible on the BOSTES website.

Application assessment criteria

Applicants are asked to address each of the following areas to assist the Board in understanding and determining how best it can support the research:

  • the educational significance and potential benefits of the research to education
  • the appropriateness and capability of the research design and methodologies to meet the aims of the project and provide valid outcomes
  • the extent of BOSTES resources required relative to the potential value of the research
  • privacy, confidentiality and security issues, particularly in relation to the identification of individual students and schools
  • compliance with the Board’s legislative responsibilities, such as privacy and ethics
  • endorsement of the applicant’s university, institute, school or other organisation.

What will BOSTES do when it receives an application?

BOSTES will check that the applicant has provided the requested information and will acknowledge receipt of the application within five working days.

The application will be considered in terms of the Board’s assessment criteria. The applicant will be notified in writing of the outcome of the application and will be provided with the requested data, if approved, as soon as practicable.

Applications requiring data that cannot be released by BOSTES under various legislative requirements (eg privacy legislation) may be revised and resubmitted.

Applicants will also be advised if their request for data or other information would be more appropriately submitted via the Board’s published GIPA processes.

BOSTES will generally provide applicants with requested data/information, or with reasons why their request has been declined, within four weeks of receipt of the application. However, complex data/information requests or requests that have substantial resource implications for the Board may result in a longer processing time.

Any enquiries should be addressed to:
Research Directorate
(02) 9367 8222


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