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Administrative Information

Office of the Board of Studies Policies/Guidelines

Administration documents

    OBOS Sponsorship Policy (PDF, 6 pages, 100 KB)
    Published 21 October 2008

    Education Act 1990

    (New South Wales Parliamentary Counsel’s Office – Government of New South Wales Legislation website)

    Education Amendment (Non-Government Schools Registration) Bill 2004

    (Parliament of New South Wales)

    Privacy Management Plan

    The purpose of this management plan is to:

    • identify personal information collected by the Office of the Board of Studies, and
    • identify the policies and strategies that the Office of the Board of Studies will use to ensure compliance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (the Act).

    Disability Action Plan

    This Action Plan covers the three-year period from 2000 to 2002. The Plan demonstrates the Office’s commitment to the objectives of the Government’s Disability Policy Framework, the NSW Disability Services Act 1993 and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. The Plan is incorporated into the strategic and business planning of the Office and is reflected in the performance agreements of senior staff and branch plans as appropriate. The Plan is included in the staff induction process and is published on the Board’s website for staff and public access.

    Annual Reports

    2014 Annual Report

    BOSTES Annual reports

    The Education Act 1990 established the Board of Studies NSW as a statutory body with a membership representative of community interests.

    The Board’s responsibilities are to:

    • develop curriculum and curriculum support materials for all schools from Kindergarten to Year 12
    • develop and conduct examinations leading to the award of the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate
    • advise the Minister for Education and Training on applications from non government schools seeking to operate in New South Wales
    • accredit non-government schools to present candidates for the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate.

    The Office of the Board of Studies was established as a department in 1995 under the Public Sector Management Act 1988. The Office of the Board provides professional and administrative support and services to the Board. The Office also encompasses the Australian Music Examinations Board (New South Wales) and the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and administers the home schooling program under delegation from the Minister for Education and Training.

    The Board of Studies and the Office of the Board of Studies are portfolio responsibilities of the Minister for Education and Training.

    Replacement Certificates

    How to obtain a statement to replace lost or mislaid New South Wales Intermediate Certificates, Leaving Certificates, Higher School Certificates, School Certificates and Year 11 Records of Achievement.

    Equivalent Qualification

    How to obtain a Statement of Equivalence (to New South Wales school level awards) for your secondary education qualifications from other Australian States and Territories or from overseas countries.

    Download a copy of the Secondary Equivalence Application Form

    Government Information (Public access) – fees and forms (replacing FOI)

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